Foodies Italia as well as being a real central purchasing office of typical Italian products, and not only, for the distribution to all international markets, gives an important and concrete answer to all critical points of the market for both our suppliers and customers.

Our suppliers choose us because we are able to offer them our experience in international markets, protecting them from financial risks typical of export trading and from the necessity of specific knowledge for each individual market.

Our clients choose us because with our wide range of goods and our group solidity they can rely on a single and serious interlocutor for the purchases of food products avoiding the costs due to fragmentation of multiple suppliers.

In fact we are the perfect  cross point between customer and supplier to whom we offer  on top of the  selection of products, a set of useful services that represent our added value.

Financial service: we are able to financially support our suppliers through a partnership with UniCredit Group, the largest italian national bank.

Development service of new products: "tailored" to the specific needs of the market and / or private brands.

Development of international markets: a practical and quick guide  to the choice of the best distributors / food brokers worldwide.

Logistics service: we have a forwarding  service and a storage platform of more than 10 thousand square meters both available to create specific assortements if necessary.

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